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Dec 8, 2012 6:30am PST
these because it's politically unfeasible. that's the biggest portion of spending. >> and there are inefficiencies there that can be yielded. nothing should be done that's going to retard economic growth. nothing should be done that should cost us more jobs. can you fix the fiscal cliff and send the economy downward. >> the fiscal cliff, isn't it having real impact in the economy now? >> it's having real impact and name pact will growth longer we take to come to a deal, some deal, any deal. what everybody wants, individuals who are going to be paid in january, they don't know how much and businesses, so what's the deal? what are -- what do we have to plan on? >> the best down payment would be to continue tax rates at the middle class for the rates they are, the best down payment. that's the best easy first step and i hope congress will realize take a step and take it now and give the president something he can sign. >> that has to be the last word. thanks, guys. >>> from the downward slope of the cliff to the upward climb on jobs, a big surprise in the november jobs numbers. it's a
Dec 17, 2012 1:25am EST
york. we have already begun a test program to help mrs. henderson transition economically unfeasible loving household into a streamlined model of genetic efficiency. this is a memo to the members of the henderson family from mom, subject: cut backs. glmplets watch this and other programs online at >> washington post correspondent and author, the newest book "little america, the war within the war for afghanistan." mr. chandrasekaran, when you talk about the little war, what are you talking about? >> the communities built in southern afghanistan, not in the last couple years, but six decades ago back when unknown to most of the country mern, there were dozen of americans engineers there back in the 40s and 50s, digging canals, building dams, helping to nation build in afghanistan, and the very same terrain that president obama's troops surge unfolded in over the last couple years. in my history of obama's serge and examination of it, i actually start back in the 1940s in the remarkable period of american resistance to afghanistan, a period of great optimism when we built t
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
, preschools, private christian academies? the point is this is unfeasible. i'm not sure it's the right way to go to put an armed guard in every single school in america. who will pick up the taxpayer dla are on that? the counties, it is states? the locals the feds? who will do this? it's impractical. to the some mention i don't like guns in our schools. it's a nice political sound bite and they can use an old statement from bill clinton to say this, but i'm not sure it's a practical idea, frankly. >> first of all, when it comes to education, decisions really do need to be handled on a local level. that's how education decisions should be made. but at the same time i do support the idea of consideration putting an armed patrol officer. my sister in atlanta works at a receiving desk, and she's not prepared or trained for dealing with someone coming into the school. i would hate to think of my sister or another teacher have been to stop someone from breaking into their school. so it is something to consider, what we learned from friday and the ensuing conversations, we need to put all options
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm EST
limply unfeasible because it suggests that we would wipe out charitable deductions. it is simply impossible and getting something from congress enact [inaudible question] they have offered to sit down with the u.s. and talk about this, even if the campaign is over, the president getting his second term, is this something that the administration is considering right now? >> the president is following this with concern, and he urges the release. the cuban government should release alan gross and he will begin his unjustified prison time by cuban authorities were simply facilitating communications between cuba's jewish community and the rest of the world. he's a 63-year-old husband and father and dedicated professional with experience in more than 50 countries. since he's been in prison, he has suffered from arthritis and lost 100 pounds and his family is anxious to evaluate whether he is receiving appropriate medical treatment. something that will be determined by having a doctor at his own choosing again. we ask them to grant his request to travel to the united states to visit his
Dec 14, 2012 9:00am EST
finalized by the ctc simply make swaps that economically unfeasible. so what do we need? we need an appropriate and workable regular regime over our swaps market, if there's to be one. the framework should promote transparency, increase efficiency and allow end-users to effectively hedge the risk. this committee and others will have to hold many other oversight hearings going forward to ensure that this is the eventual outcome and implementation, therefore, is to import, affects too many people to let it continue to carry. we must get things back on the right track. that involves commonsense. i yield back and i yield to the lady from california. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman, for holding this important hearing today. and i'd like to welcome mr. gensler and mr. cook here today. mr. cook, i understand that this is your last hearing, that you will not be the director of the division of trading following the session. so we would like to thank you for your service. mr. gensler, thank you for appearing here once again. and i would like you to not feel constrained to defend yourself
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5